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Compass Box What is a Scotch Whiskymaker? 'Whiskymaker 'is a word that we have invented - you will not find it in any dictionary. For us is one Whiskymaker someone who feels the need and a duty to make things better - ask questions, challenge, experiment. When it comes to whisky and its fun, we keep ourselves open to new opportunities - new production processes, new combinations of flavors, new ways to share and enjoy great whisky. EACH STAGE TABLES If WhiskyWe collaborate with a number of partners on the interaction between ripening Scottish whisky and explore oak in the course of time. From sourcing the best tub oak in the world of the Vosges forest in France and the forests of Missouri, to the individual sampling of almost every barrel we use in each of our blends, we are fanatical about quality and believe that every stage of the process the potential to add to the finished blend.
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