Glenrothes Selected Reserve 2001, 0,7L, 43,0%


Glenrothes Selected Reserve 2001, 0.7L, 43.0%


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The distillery has 10 stills and 20 washbacks and produces 5.5 million liters per year. Most disappears into the blend ‘Cutty Sark’. A special event: In 1922 there was a fire and 700,000 liters of whisky was lost. After the explosion of the barrels the whisky flowed into the river: Burn of Rothes and made the trout were as gentle as lambs and could be caught by hand.

Nose:    Sultanas, herbs, black currents, something yeasty

Taste:   Light malt, white pepper, licorice, tea biscuits

Finish:   Medium, fruity, nicely balanced with the oak

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